St Paul's / San Pablo's Episcopal Church
1071 Pajaro St.

Parish Profile



Welcome/Bienvenido and thank you for your interest in our parish family. Saint Paul’s San Pablo invites you to join us as a newly unified bicultural and bilingual English and Spanish parish family. Over recent years, we have been energized and challenged by our fellowship with one another and growth together. We have been blessed with leadership and love in this process and share deep gratitude for where we’ve been and great hope for what is to come. The search for a new spiritual leader is always a time for discussion and serious deliberation within any congregation and it certainly has been for us. As a parish family, we see the changing world and community around us. In this rapidly changing world, we are dedicated to growing together in fellowship and love, sharing the desire to maintain our spiritual relevance. Finally, we pledge to support and nurture our new rector and his/her family as we work together to share our Christian faith with one another and those in our community.


Vision Statement


Committed to and practicing our Episcopal values, we serve as a model in our community celebrating our diversity and love for all people.


Mission Statement


Saint Paul’s/San Pablo, a diverse, inclusive, and inviting community, strives to celebrate and share our Christian faith and Episcopal tradition through worship, fellowship, and action.


Values and Goals of Our New Congregation– A New Spiritual Identity


A key part of our process of unification has been arriving at a consensus about who we are and where we would like our new common path to take us. In 2016 our Vestry created a Strategic Planning Committee to identify our shared core values and our shared goals. It proved to be a valuable exercise, not just for its stated purpose, but to help us to reach consensus and shift our focus from the problems of the past to the prospects of the future. Achieving this consensus was and is critical to our future as we were two (2) congregations with separate identities.


Using input from several St.Paul’s/San Pablo discussion sessions, members of the Committee developed Vision and Mission Statements. They also outlined our values, goals, and specific objectives to achieve those goals. This Strategic Plan provided a starting point to define and live a Christ-centered spiritual identity as a combined congregation. We recognize that our Strategic Plan is a first step. The Plan is not static. Our new Rector will be a key resource in achieving our objectives resulting in our new, Christ-centered spiritual identity. We accept we are a work in progress and our merger journey is unique. We are confident of success and recognize our new Rector will be the partner we need to succeed.

The Strategic Plan has resulted in our congregation adopting the Vision and Mission Statements already noted and identifying faith, family, and community as core values.





We value our Christian faith and Episcopal traditions. We see them as reflections of the teachings of Christ. We want Saint Paul’s/San Pablo to be, first and foremost, a spiritual community rich in Christ-centered opportunities. Accordingly, we want to develop and implement vibrant worship services and educational opportunities that reflect the diversity of our congregation and respond to the spiritual needs of our individual members.




Recognizing our faith finds its fullest expression in our relationships with others, we value, welcome, care for, and support all Saint Paul’s/San Pablo parishioners as family. We seek to become one Christ-centered family in faith with appreciation, respect, and support for our individual cultures, languages, traditions, and lifestyles. We also want to create an open atmosphere in which individual members feel free and are encouraged to seek assistance when needed. We are committed to caring for each other not only spiritually, but also as a family. In the interests of making our family a thriving one, we think it’s important to develop strategies for congregational development, growth, and discipleship that are inviting and welcoming to all.




St. Paul’s/San Pablo sees itself as a reflection of the Salinas Valley in its diversity of culture, language, challenges, and economics. We care for our broader community and diocese and see our futures as very much intertwined. As a unified congregation, we would like to re-focus our efforts to determine our overall direction in supporting community services, evaluating our current programs, and developing new ministries. We would also like to improve our efforts to inform the broader community about our worship and programs, and to encourage participation in them.


Challenges Our New Parish Faces


In living up to our values and aspirations, we face important and ongoing challenges.




Overcoming the legacy of the past, two congregations worshiping under the same roof with very little interaction, continues to challenge us. While we are well underway with our merger process in finances and governance, the actual development of a single family will continue to involve patience and persistence from us and the guidance of our new rector.





Saint Paul’s is an aging congregation with minimal growth over the last decade. As a parish family, we have grappled with and discussed the reasons for this and what can be done to reverse the decline. Since the merger with San Pablo, the overall parish numbers have improved because of the younger, growing San Pablo congregation. It is our hope that our new rector will be able to bring a fresh approach to the membership growth of our entire parish, and we can once again fill our beautiful facility to celebrate Christ.


The Rector We Are Seeking


Saint Paul’s/San Pablo, a diverse, inclusive, and inviting Christian community, seeks a spiritual leader fully bilingual (speaking, writing, and reading) in English and Spanish with a thorough understanding and appreciation of our bicultural congregation (Latino, primarily Mexican, and Anglo), so he/she can help us grow, live, work and worship together.


While we recognize that together we face significant challenges, we also believe that our merger process will serve us, and our broader community, as a model celebrating diversity and love for all people. As larger local and global communities have become increasingly divided, Saint Paul’s/San Pablo is working diligently towards unity as we merge into one inclusive and culturally diverse, Christ-centered community. We believe we are a congregation ready to make the changes necessary for growth. We ask our new rector to join and lead us in this process of unification. For success in our merger, we ask for your help in finding new ways to reach out and meaningfully connect with our combined parish and our community at large.


Important to our unification process, the congregations have defined our values centered on faith, family, and community. To succeed in fulfilling these values, our new rector must be dedicated to work with us as we firmly establish and enhance our values. Our entire parish has acknowledged our two most significant challenges: unity and growth. Our new rector must be experienced in addressing both those challenges.


Our new rector must also have experience in engaging, encouraging, and working with his/her congregation. As a parish family, we pledge to support and nurture our new rector and his/her family as we work together to share our Christian faith through worship, fellowship, and action. Our new rector’s ministerial experience is foremost on our minds as we seek our new partner in faith. In this partnership, we pledge to support our rector by providing administrative assistance so that he/she can focus on ministry, not management. As part of our spiritual growth, we find tremendous joy and comfort in the teachings of Christ, our Episcopal liturgy, the inclusiveness of our Church and our worship tradition. It is our desire that our new rector adds to our spiritual growth with well-developed sermons to teach, inspire and challenge us. He/she will also be tasked with engaging outside the Sunday worship environment as he/she helps us live Christ-centered values lives among the members of our congregation, within our church neighborhood, and our Salinas community



Saint Paul’s / San Pablo History


Our Saint Paul’s congregation, founded in 1868, has a rich history of challenge and unique response. The congregation has grown and flourished in cycles mirroring the local economy as well as the national trends in church attendance. Even with these cycles, Saint Paul’s has important accomplishments: support for full participation of women in ministry, support for inclusivity both in ministry and our congregation.


Our more recent history since 1960 began to set today’s status of both Saint Paul’s and San Pablo. In 1970 Saint Paul’s was impacted by labor strife in the agriculture industry. The politics and protests of the farm labor movement reached the Salinas Valley; meanwhile, the Episcopal Church at large opted to support the labor side of the dispute. In turn, several prominent farm families left Saint Paul’s moving to other denominations. What became clear over the longer term, though, was that Saint Paul’s, still a thriving congregation, opted to respond with more community involvement rather than less. The 1970’s and 80’s saw the creation of several outreach programs, including assistance and counseling for families of the incarcerated at a local prison, job training for the disabled, a food pantry, and other community efforts to provide food for the hungry and homeless.


The 1980’s saw the beginning of the history of Saint Paul’s/San Pablo in full. In 1983 the Hispanic Mission of San Pablo was formed as a Bishop’s Congregation, one of the first such missions formed in the United States. For its first thirty years, it kept this status, conducting services at Saint Paul’s but not definitively linked to it. In time, owing especially to its success in building a dynamic congregation and worship program, it became the linchpin in responding to Saint Paul’s greatest challenge: a steady decline in membership beginning in the 1990’s. By 2010 a host of factors, including an aging congregation, demographic changes in the city of Salinas, and the general decline of mainstream Protestantism in the United States, left Saint Paul’s with a much-reduced membership. The parish, still financially self-supporting, anticipated potential future fiscal stress. San Pablo, on the other hand, was something of a mirror image; not yet financially self-sustaining, but prospering in membership and energy.


Accordingly, in 2014, after much discussion and deliberation within the two congregations and with the diocese, Saint Paul’s and San Pablo began the process of merging into one vibrant and diverse parish family: Saint Paul’s/San Pablo. A response to difficult problems, the process itself is an important and sometimes daunting challenge. While the finances (resources and management) and governance (Vestry and ancillary committees) of the congregations have been merged, the merging process is far from over. The two congregations making up our unified parish, continue to learn from and grow with each other. The most important step in our merger is just underway: the hiring of a new rector, the first rector, really, of this new parish. This step is exciting not only because it is the first time that San Pablo parishioners will select their own rector, but also because it is being closely observed by the Diocese and National Church as a possible model for future such mergers.



Our Community—Salinas and the Salinas Valley



Salinas is located roughly 100 miles south of San Francisco and 10 miles inland from the beautiful Monterey Bay. Salinas, the largest city in Monterey County with a population of 161,042, serves as the county seat. It anchors the Salinas Valley as the largest of a string of agricultural towns that extend down the Valley to the southeast. This is the community that Saint Paul’s/ San Pablo calls home. Serving its needs is one of our central goals and a major factor driving the merger of our two parishes.


Salinas is also community coming to terms with changing population and turbulent economic times. Housing prices are at a premium, with high local demand exacerbated by the overflow from even pricier Silicon Valley to the north. This creates a challenge for many residents, and a significant hardship for those of lower income.



Our Worship and Music


Our first task in enriching the life of our spiritual community, is offering worship that accommodates and inspires our members. Currently, worship at Saint Paul’s/San Pablo centers on three Sunday services: 8:00 am and 10:00 am services in English and 12:00 noon service in Spanish. The 8:00 am service is quiet and contemplative with no music, but a full liturgical service using both Rite I and Rite II on a rotating basis. A recent addition to the 8:00 am service is congregation members arriving early to participate in informal singing with our organist. Regular attendance is usually 30 to 40 parishioners.


The 10:00 am service is a choral Eucharist, using primarily Rite II, with hymns and choir anthems accompanied by organ or piano. The choir has about twelve members, with a volunteer director and a paid organist. The organ, a highly-regarded Aeolian-Skinner instrument installed in 1954, is well -maintained and was recently expanded with new pipes. Also, a small bell choir (made up primarily of regular choir members) performs on special occasions and holidays. Weekly attendance at 10:00 am service is about equal to that at 8:00 am, though attendance at both has declined with the aging of the congregation.


The blend of traditional and contemporary is best typified by what we used to call the San Pablo service, but now are proud to simply call our 12:00 noon service. Built around the Rite II liturgy in Spanish, this Eucharist uses a worship band (primarily guitar and keyboard) to encourage a joyous atmosphere of singing, clapping and praise. The music, thoroughly integrated into the liturgy, is a core part of the worship experience. The 12:00 noon service draws a weekly attendance of 60 to 80 worshipers.


Our laity plays an active role in all our worship services. Parishioners have traditional roles as acolytes, readers, and chalice bearers. We have a strong contingent of women/girls who serve as acolytes. From time to time, various members of our congregation give the sermon to mark a special holiday, inform the congregation of special projects, or accommodate vacations and sabbatical time for the rector.


Saint Paul’s/San Pablo strives to offer a balance of diversity and unity in our worship. Although most of our worship still takes place in separate English or Spanish language

services, we do have traditions in common: blessing of the animals on Saint Francis’ Day and a visit from Saint Nicholas during Advent. We are also steadily developing the tradition of bilingual worship alongside our standard offerings. On Pentecost (appropriately enough) and two or three other Sundays throughout the year, we hold a single bilingual service, typically followed by a potluck or picnic lunch. Friendliness and inclusivity are the hallmarks of worship at Saint Paul’s/San Pablo.




Our Christian Education


Saint Paul’s/San Pablo encourages lifelong learning of Christian teachings. Our educational programs promote open hearts and minds through Bible study and theological reflection. With ongoing Christian education, members of Saint Paul’s/San Pablo have an opportunity to increase their personal spiritual growth and advance their awareness of current social and moral issues as they relate to the teachings of Christ. We believe that unification and collaboration in our education programs is vital to a thriving combined parish.


Adult Education


Saint Paul’s adult education includes Morning Prayer held Monday through Friday in the chapel. Additionally, Saint Paul’s has both Advent and Lenten study programs. San Pablo adult education includes Bible study each Thursday evening which reviews issues of faith, religious history and Episcopal liturgy.


Saint Paul’s/San Pablo has baptism, communion, confirmation and renewal classes for adults and youth. Retreats are available throughout the year to provide enlightenment for spiritual formation. San Pablo is also actively involved in Cursillo.


Youth Education


Because Saint Paul’s is an aging congregation with most of our youth away at university, there are currently no educational programs for this age group. San Pablo, on the other hand, has a younger population with many school age children who participate in educational activities. San Pablo’s youth program is managed by a young adult. San Pablo also has a variety of youth programs administered by parent volunteers: Sunday school, communion and confirmation classes. Communion and confirmation classes are not exclusively for the youth but are open to all to increase Episcopal knowledge.



Our Organization and Committees


Saint Paul’s/San Pablo leadership is shared among the congregation, Vestry and Rector. Our Vestry consists of ten members with equal numbers from Saint Paul’s and San Pablo congregations.


In addition to Saint Paul’s/San Pablo Vestry, groups and other committees, we are fortunate to have two Deacons and an assistant rector, all of whom labor freely on our behalf. Our paid staff includes a custodian, an administrative assistant, and an organist. Finally, Saint Paul’s/San Pablo Vestry, along with administrative staff, committee members and volunteers are committed to supporting our new rector by providing administrative assistance so that he/she can focus on ministry over management.






Groups and Committees


Saint Paul’s/San Pablo has a variety of committees supporting all aspects of our church and congregation. The combined efforts of the committees contribute to the organization, stability and development of Saint Paul’s/San Pablo. Not all of the committees meet with the same regularity and some could be thought of as ad hoc.



Our Outreach and Fundraising


Over the years, the Saint Paul’s/San Pablo community has relied on a variety of outreach and fundraising activities. Some events are organized by an Outreach Committee, while others have separate committees that coordinate each particular activity. Some events provide funds needed by the church as well as social gatherings which help build community and fellowship. We would like to explore these and other methods of outreach to grow and sustain our congregation. Our goal as a unified church is to identify and employ relevant strategies for congregational development. This includes financial stability, growth, and a positive culture of stewardship which encourages generosity through gifts of time, talent, and treasure.


Saint Paul’s/San Pablo, in accordance with Christ-centered teachings and faith, seeks always to place people above things, understanding that the church is our congregation and its members rather than the structures that surround us. We also know that tending to the needs of others as God’s children is an essential form of stewardship and shared pastoral care. We believe that sustaining practices which reflect Christian values is integral to our individual and collective spiritual well-being and to our understanding of God’s will in our lives. This emphasis on the relative preciousness of the human soul in relationship to the material world is essential to meaningful fellowship and communion with one another and with God. We ask our new rector to guide all of us at Saint Paul’s/ San Pablo as we navigate the demands of daily, practical matters, along with those of the spirit.





Saint Paul’s/San Pablo has various outreach programs available to our parish and also to the general public. The following list includes typical outreach activities provided by Saint Paul’s/San Pablo during the year.



Children’s Christmas Gift Giving


          Prayer Shawl Ministry

Easter Day Children’s Celebration

          School Backpack Program

El Dia del Nino


          Senior Produce Market

Food Pantry


    After Service Fellowship

Friday Organ Concerts


    Spanish Cursillo

Homeless Lunch Program

               Warming Shelter

Lay Eucharistic Ministries

               Winter Coat/Toiletries Drive

Prayer Chain


    Las Posadas

Beer Fest / Wine Fest





Saint Paul’s/San Pablo also offers our facilities to outside organizations for outreach and fundraising purposes. Some of these community programs are AA/Al-Anon, a bridge club, weddings, celebratory receptions, Parkinson’s support group, Retired Teachers Organization, a senior Friendship Club, quinceaneras, and local neighborhood group meetings.


An important fundraiser is the Saint Paul’s/San Pablo annual Tri-Tip Barbecue. Held on the first Monday of October, a large group of volunteers plans for this event for months in. Local companies, schools and businesses order large numbers of lunches which are delivered by volunteers. In 2017, the Tri-Tip yielded approximately $15,000 selling more than 1700 lunches. This event also provides an opportunity for various local churches and synagogues to work together as they send volunteers to help. In turn, members of Saint Paul’s/ San Pablo reciprocate by helping at their fundraising events.



Our Facilities


The buildings at Saint Paul’s/San Pablo consist of a church facility and adjacent rectory on approximately one acre of landscaped grounds. The church facility includes the sanctuary, sacristies and choir room, an education wing, and a parish hall and lounge. Across the street from the church is a 72-space parking lot.


The adjacent rectory is a roomy four-bedroom, two-story home over 2500 square feet. It has a large living room, separate dining room, an efficient kitchen, a den, and two bathrooms. To provide privacy for the occupants, the rectory it is separated from the church by a gated, landscaped yard. The house also includes a two-car garage with washer and dryer hookups and automatic garage door opener. The rectory can comfortably accommodate a family of six to eight (see Appendix C). The backyard is completely fenced and includes a concrete patio.



Our Diocese


St. Paul’s/San Pablo has the good fortune to be in a dynamic diocese that is managing, on a larger scale, many of the same challenges that we are, and therefore, is in tune with our needs. The Diocese of El Camino Real was created in 1980. Originally part of the larger Diocese of California, it takes its name from the historical route traveled by



the early California missionaries, the El Camino Real. The Diocese is part of Province VIII, covering five counties in Central California and consisting of 43 congregations that serve in a variety of languages. Our Diocese includes several Episcopal schools: a college preparatory school with grades 8-12 (York School), two K-8 schools, and nine preschools. The Diocese is centered in one of the most socially and economically diverse areas in the world, covering Silicon Valley, the high-tech industry in Santa Clara County, rich agricultural valleys, and the rugged Pacific coastline. Saint Paul’s/San Pablo is a member of the Salinas Valley Deanery made up of eight congregations in central Monterey County.


Like Saint Paul’s/San Pablo, the Diocese is in a period of transition as it moves toward the selection of its next Bishop. Currently under the leadership of the Right Reverend Mary Gray Reeves, it is headquartered in the magnificently restored 1896 Sargent House, located on Central Avenue in Salinas (a block from the birthplace home of John Steinbeck). Saint Paul’s/San Pablo Church, often considered the cathedral of the Diocese, is frequently used for affiliated meetings and conferences.