Vestry / Junta Parroquial

Vision and Mission of the Parish Board

  • Human and financial resources.

  • Leadership and Volunteering

  • Project and activity planning

  • Maintenance of the facilities.

  • Stewardship

  • Leadership

  • Facilites maintenence

  • Others

Vestry 2021

St Paul's San Pablo Episcopal Church

Vestry/Junta Parroquial

Senior Warden/Guardian Mayor - Scott Wilson

Junior Warden/Guardian Menor - Jaime Palacios

Maureen Thompson

Maria Amezquita

Charlie Way

Lupe Gonzalez

Howard Coe

Aldo Jarvio

Marta Hoyos

Kathy Blount


Rev. Ale Trillos - Rector

Rev. Arnold Hedlund - Assist. Priest/Sacerdote

Rev. Donna Elder-Holifield - Deacon/Diácona

Rev. Rachel Bennet- Deacon/Diácona

Meet: The third Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm, ( FOR ZOOM)