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Vestry - Parish Committee 2022

Arturo Jarvio: Senior Warden/Guardian Mayor -

Robert Beery: Junior Warden/Guardian Menor -

  • Jaime Palacios

  • Howard Coe

  • Andy McKay

  • Mauricio Lopez

  • Maureen Thompson

  • Maria Amezquita

  • Charlie Way

  • Lupe Gonzalez

Treasurer/Tesorero: Dave Mora

St. Nicholas visits the children and youth of St. Paul's San Pablo on December 5, 2021

Mascaras - Collaboration

There are new masks with St. Valentine's design in the office. Each mask costs $10.00 and all money collected supports our outreach programs. We are thankful to Cathi Beery for her talent in making the masks. Please call the office M-F from 8:30 AM -12 PM or send an email to Kayleb.

Hay nuevas máscaras con diseño de San Valentín en la oficina. Cada máscara cuesta $ 10.00 y todo el dinero recaudado apoya nuestros programas de extensión.

Agradecemos a Cathi Beery por su talento para hacer las máscaras.

Llame a la oficina de lunes a viernes de 8:30 a. M. a 12 P. M. , o envíe un correo electrónico a Kayleb.

Visita de la Obispa - Bishop's Visitation May 2, 2021

Visit of the Bishop Lucinda Ashley at the celebration of Sunday mass and Confirmation of Alexandria

ECW Woman of the Year from St. Paul’s San Pablo nominated this year as part of our diaconal ministry/ Mujer Honrada a las Mujeres Episcopales por nuestra iglesia este año como parte del ministerio diaconal.

Verenice is the first generation of Episcopalians in her family. She is a wife, mother of two beautiful girls, a professional young woman, and an educator. She was actively involved in the youth ministry growing up and this experience made a big difference in her life. She played an important role advocating for the children’s area with a nursery, children’s age-appropriate books, and toys with topics that embrace differences and our faith. She is also a member of the Christian Formation committee and Zoom to God (Children Christian formation) program with Rev. Deacon Rachel. Verenice is fully bilingual. She holds a Master of Education focused in Applied Behavioral Analysis. She is a behavioral supervisor. She works with children who display developmental delays, as well as children who are diagnosed with autism. She was born and raised in Salinas. Thank you Verenice for your service to God’s works.


Verenice es la primera generación de episcopales en su familia. Ella es esposa, madre de dos niñas hermosas, una mujer profesional joven y educadora. Ella creció muy envuelta en el grupo de jóvenes, y esta experiencia ha hecho una gran diferencia en su vida. Ella jugó un papel importante en la creación del salón recreacional para los niño(a)s pequeños. Ella adquirió juguetes y libros apropiados para sus edades con información que abraza la diversidad y nuestra fe. Ella hace parte del comité de formación cristiana y el programa de formación de Zoom para Dios (la escuelita cristiana en línea para los niño(a)s) con la Rvda. Diácona Rachel. Verenice es completamente bilingüe. Ella hizo una maestría en análisis de comportamiento humano. Ella es supervisora de comportamiento en niño(a)s. Ella trabaja con niño(a)s que requieren educación especial como autismo. Ella es nacida y criada en Salinas. Gracias Verenice por tu servicio a la obra de Dios.

Annual Meeting 2019

St Paul's San Pablo Episcopal Church

Vestry/Junta Parroquial

Maureen Thompson

Maria Amezquita

Charlie Way

Lupe Gonzalez

Howard Coe

Aldo Jarvio

Marta Hoyos

Kathy Blount

Senior Warden/Guardian Mayor

Scott Wilson

Junior Warden/Guardian Menor

Jaime Palacios


Rev. Ale Trillos - Rector

Rev. Arnold Hedlund - Assist. Priest/Sacerdote

Rev. Donna Elder-Holifield - Deacon/Diácona

Rev. Rachel Bennet- Deacon/Diácona

Diocesan Convention

Dear St Paul's San Pablo members,

We are seeking members to volunteer to be a Diocesan Delegate. Diocesan Convention is scheduled to start on the evening of Friday, November 5th and 6th (more details TBA).

A Diocesan Delegate represents our congregation and votes on its behalf on a variety of subjects during the annual Diocesan Convention. This is a good chance to have a say in some of the important issues affecting our church.

If you are interested or need more details before 2/10, please contact Scott Wilson email: or phone: 831-214-5576 &

Rev. Ale email: or cell: 831-287-4942 (call or text).

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Dear St Paul's San Pablo family,

Let us pray. OH God, our times are in your hands: Look with favor, we pray, on your servant____as s/he begins another year. Grant that s/he may grow in wisdom and grace, and strengthen her/his trust in your goodness all the days of her/his life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.