Our beautiful sanctuary and parish hall offer spaces for weddings to be remembered. For more information call the office.

En nuestro bello santuario y salón parroquial ofrecemos espacios para una boda que siempre recordarás.

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The Sacrament of Matrimony.

Holy marriage is a sacrament of the church, in which a couple enters into a lifelong union, makes their vows before God, and receives God's grace and blessing to help them fulfill their vows. In order to be married in the Episcopal Church, one member of the couple must be a baptized Christian. All couples planning to get married should take pre-marital counseling.

Those wishing to marry should meet with the priest before coordinating a date on the parish calendar. At this meeting, the officiating priest clarifies the Church's teachings on Christian marriage. If the bride or groom has previously been divorced, specific Church requirements must be met prior to the celebration of a marriage. This includes filing a petition for a remarriage with the Bishop. Canonical episcopal law requires a minimum of 30 days' notice before a wedding can be solemnized.

All weddings conform to the liturgy of the celebration and blessing of a marriage found on page 423 of The Book of Common Prayer, or one of the liturgies that are established in the General Convention of the Episcopal Church. The use of music for all services of the Episcopal Church is governed by the rubrics of The Book of Common Prayer and the hymnal under the direction of the parish director and the director of music and the organist and in agreement with the requirements of the bride and groom.

Marriages are not traditionally celebrated in Advent or Lent because these are penitential times and the liturgies are not suitable for festive occasions such as a wedding. Policy within the diocese says that weddings during Advent or Lent can only occur in the case of grave pastoral need.

To agree on a date for the celebration of a wedding, it is required to make an appointment at the parish office for the interview of the bride and groom with the priest three months in advance.