Humanity has sold through difficult times as we have experienced since the appearance of Covid-19, which, being considered a Pandemic, preventative measures were implemented that forced us to close the doors of the temple for more than a year. Faced with this situation, we decided to take our prayers to the houses of our communities using the new technologies that are available to everyone who has a cell phone.

With this purpose we also began to use the radio frequency to assist from the parking lot the families that in their vehicles approached the temple. The deferred transmissions of the readings and the preaching of the week were the first recordings that could be seen on our YouTube channel. We also started the tests to broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook with very positive acceptance results. Until today we only keep the transmissions of Sunday services on facebook live.

We use Google Site for the development of the Website,

With the purpose of informing the community of the mission and vision of our church; In addition to making it easier for them to learn about the services we offer, the news and events that we carry out during the year, the available resources, religious education programs, volunteering, lay ministries, and learn about our history from the first communities to the construction of the current temple.

Thanks to technology we now have a YouTube channel that has not allowed us to save the events we have recorded over the years. Now St Pauls+San Pablo have a digital historical archive of all those recorded events that can be viewed from your cell phone or computer in the comfort of your home.

St. Paul + San Pablo

We use this popular public network that has allowed us since the beginning of the pandemic -2019- to broadcast our Sunday religious services to the community. We have been surprised how the community in general has been adapting to this technology that allows them to be present in our prayer even when it is not physically possible for them to travel to the temple.

This popular tool has become a communication channel available to many through the cell phone. For St. Pauls+San Pablo it is used with our community in children's formation classes, also in bible classes, in prayer nights, in vestry meetings, and when an event requires interacting with members of our community.

Current technology offers tools that allow us to bring information to the hands of our communities through cell phones through public networks. At St. Pauls+San Pablo, we have put them to the test, such as OBS Studio for handling video cameras and direct transmission -Reasterm- to the public Facebook and YouTube networks, obtaining positive results that challenge us to changes in the near future.