Q u i n c e a ñ e r a s

We offer a quinceañera/sweet sixteen mass to support the journey of faith and rite of passage of our beautiful young women. For more information call the office.

Ofrecemos la misa individual para Quinceañera el día Sábado, para apoyar y facilitar el caminar de fe y pasaje ritual tradicional de nuestras hermosas jovenes.

Para mayor información llame a la oficina.

Thanksgiving celebration.

The transition from childhood to woman is an important event in almost any culture. Hispanics, however, mark this memorable occasion by celebrating a Quinceañera tradition. The tradition is believed to have started many years ago when the Spanish conquerors brought it to Mexico and others say it originated with the Aztecs. In any case, a Quinceañera celebration is a Hispanic tradition associated with Mexican, Central and South American cultures. Through the different ceremonies that take place today, it is when the quinceañera formally presents herself to society and it is a day to thank God for having reached this age.

The coordination of the entire Quinceañera event is a teamwork effort between family, friends and relatives. It is customary for all of them to volunteer to be sponsors or sponsors. Each sponsor assumes financial and / or moral responsibility for what they have been assigned.

The Quinceañera is known to wear a ball gown with a petticoat or crinoline underneath to make the dress look bigger, and also a crown or tiara along with her gloves. In the United States, the white dress is more common, while in other countries such as Mexico, it is very common to see the Quinceañera wear a pastel or typical Mexican dress.

Traditionally, the celebration usually consists of having fourteen bridesmaids and fourteen chamberlains, including the chamberlain of honor. Nowadays, they can have only pure ladies or pure chamberlains.

The Quinceañera celebration is made up of several parts. It is traditional to have a Thanksgiving Mass, followed by the reception, where her parents present her to their guests, she dances the waltz with her father, receives her last doll, receives gifts and dances with her court of honor and continues with the toast. and the cake.

The entire party is filled with spiritual moments made up of various events that include God, thanksgiving, food, music, and dancing; all are the mix of ingredients for a happy culmination after months of planning.

This celebration is directly related to the economic means of the parents and godparents of the young woman, but it does not detract from a simple celebration that thanks God for the blessings of sharing with friends and family.

To set a date on the calendar, an appointment is required with the Priest 6 months before the scheduled date.